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Quiz using FB Messenger and plain text

This is a simple quiz bot.

This bot is built using facebook messenger quick replies, score module, child templates, delay modules and junctions.

Firstly we are going to rename our startstate to "quiz", enter a comment and set the score to 0. We are then going to setup our quick replies for messenger:

In userscore here all we are doing is setting our score to zero

In Add Comment we are letting our users know what each questions score is worth.

In our Quick Reply Module we are going to ask our question and give our three choices:

Next we are going to put a junction in, and we are going to repeat our question within the junction, this is so that our quiz will function in plain text for applications like slack, intercom etc.

As you can see from the above if the question is correct the score module is adding 1 to the score then going to the child template for question 2. If the answer is wrong we are still going to the child template for question 2.

A shortcut to get both answers going to the same state is to select the second state, hold down alt then select the end state.

Now we are going to make a brand new template called quizq2

Fill this in with your preferred questions and answers and complete until you have as many questions as you require then do the final part.

End is just a state that is going to connect the final score module.

In the final score module you do not put anything just drag the module over.

Then in the score state you are going to copy the output from the score module above.

If you wish to ask if your users want to retry the quiz we can simply add a junction and childstate:

In the junction Question you would put:

The Yes State

The No State

In the child state you are going to put your original template name to restart your quiz.

Now enter a trigger phrase and try your quiz!

Updated 4 months ago

Quiz using FB Messenger and plain text

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