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Phrases bot does not understand

Using Retrieve Data, Store Data, Maths, Conditional Check & Start Conversation Modules

In this example, we are going to build a conversation using the above modules. This template is used for when your bot does not recognize what is being said and will start an escalation conversation after two attempts.

Our first state “startstate” is the state where "retrieve data" and "store data" modules are connected too.

In the “Retrieve Data” module we are going to choose "request".

Name of DataStore can be whatever you choose, in this instance, we are using “retry failures”

In the "Maths Add Module" this will count the number of attempts the bot does not recognise what is being said.

In the Add field we are entering {{states.startstate.utilities.retrieve_data}} This is the text from the Output field of our “Retrieve Data” module.

Then we are entering number 1 in the Number field. This is the start value.

Now we need to store our data, so we are going to select Request as we did in our previous module and enter the same DataStore we entered previously.

And the Data to Store is going to be the output field from our “Maths Add Module"

Now we are going to put in the “more” module from our Conditional Check modules.

The name field is the name we called this module. In this example I have called it “check1” Then we are telling it where to take the first value which we set as 1 and that the second value is an additional 1.

We will have a state called “fail1” this is where you put your first fail question.

More2 you are doing the same as you did in more1 except the second value is 2

Fail2 you are entering your second fail question.

Fail3 is the state where the “start conversation” module will be linked to. In this case, we are linking it to a conversation called “escalate” StoreData module is just us resetting the fail attempts.

Now our final bot!

Remember before this works you will need to add a webhook. To do this click on Manage > Webhooks > New

Phrases bot does not understand