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Messaging Channels

Converse AI is not itself a messaging platform, although it does contain all the key elements needed. Converse AI is an automation platform that sits on top of existing messaging services we call channels.

We already support multiple channels including Messenger, Slack, Intercom, Telegram, Twilio (both SMS and IP Messaging), Layer & Smooch.

We aren’t standing still either, we will be continually adding more channels to other messaging networks as demand dictates, so if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see, please get in touch!

One interface to many platforms

As you can imagine, this is quite a variety of services, from social media to enterprise messaging, or in-app chat, these all work in different ways, but Converse AI consolidates them and makes it very easy for you to build services on top of.

The channels handle user tracking and registration, conversation management and awareness, and if the integration supports it, can even pass through location data if available.

It’s easily possible to build a single service on Converse AI and deliver it across multiple integrations at once.

So if you build a ChatOps service for Slack, and want to enable it via SMS, no extra work is required.

These can all be configured from within the Converse AI UI.

Of course, these presume that you are only using text if you want to use Rich Media we have you covered there as well.

Supported Channels

A list of our supported channels and a quick link to the getting started documentation for each one. We will continue to expand this as we update existing channels and add new channels.

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Messaging Channels

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