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Welcome to Converse AI

The chat bot explosion has disrupted the conversational based services market and the use cases and possibilities are greater than ever before. The Converse AI platform has been built to handle a wide range of powerful use cases and we are so excited to see how people are going to use it!

This documentation is here to help you understand how to get the best out of Converse AI and all its capabilities.

Use Cases

Converse AI can be used throughout the customer lifecycle to solve a variety of use cases including:

  • Pre-sales enquiries
  • Funnel progression
  • Conversational commerce
  • Customer service
  • Post-sales engagement
  • Re-engagement

And not forgetting, of course, delivering complete end to end services over messaging networks.


Converse AI has a complete UI to allow you to easily build services without having to write any code at all!

Converse AI is integrated into multiple messaging channels and includes complete user, request and conversation tracking.

Converse AI has its own inbuilt NLP Parsing Engine, and the ability to easily build Conversation Templates.

Converse AI is capable of having conversations using both plain text and rich media.

Converse AI is capable of integrating into multiple third party or backend tools within a conversation using our Chatflow capabilities, which include Clearbit and Stripe

Converse AI can be used to build fully automated bots, or to augment existing humans, enabling smooth escalation, failover, or fallback to humans as required.

Converse AI has E-Commerce (or conversational commerce) capabilities directly integrated, allowing you to process payments within the flow of a conversation.

Converse AI has an inbuilt query and analytics engine, allowing you to easily track, drill down, and understand how your users are engaging with your services.

In short, Converse AI is everything you need to build the latest generation of bot services.

So why not try creating your first bot?

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