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Getting Started

To link your Converse account with Intercom is very simple. Click on the left hand navigation for Channels, this will display the supported channels and you select Intercom. This will open the registration panel and you need to use the Connect with Intercom button in the registration page.

Please note that you need to be using the Intercom Respond package

This will allow you to approve Converse to view and manage your Intercom account.

Once this is approved you can return to Converse and setup what user will be used as your bot user. If you do not have a bot user you will need to add a new user to Intercom first.


Intercom Bot User

The Intercom user that will be the designated bot user.

Intercom Escalation User

The Intercom user that should be assigned if the bot is unable to answer.

Send Private Responses

If checked, internal notes will be sent instead of messages. So users will not see the bot responses but admin users will be able to see the notes.

Answer Non Assigned

If checked the bot will respond to any conversation, even if it is not assigned to it, this is useful if using private responses for suggesting answers to admins, but dangerous to use if public responses are enabled.

Respond to Admin Comments Only

If checked, Intercom will only send admin notes to Converse. If not checked user comments and user replies will be sent to Converse.

Failure Message

A message that will be sent to the user if the bot cannot handle the user input


An array of events that will invoke a conversation template when invoked.


The name of the event that will trigger the template.


The name of the conversation template that will be started.


Add Note to User

Add a note to the Intercom user.

Add Tag

Add a Tag from an Intercom user.

Assign By Admin E-Mail

Assign the Intercom conversation to the admin, based on admin e-mail.

Assign By Admin ID

Assign the Intercom conversation to the admin, based on admin id.

Find Intercom User

Gets the Intercom User details.

Get Admin List

Gets a list of Intercom admin users.

Remove Tag

Remove a Tag from an Intercom user.

Send Note

Add an internal note to the current Intercom conversation.

Start Conversation

Start a new Intercom conversation with an Intercom user.

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