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HTTP Calls

The HTTP call module allows you to call out to any external system to send a request, this may be for sending details of the conversation to an external system, or retrieving details to be used within the flow of a conversation.


The available configuration options are:


The HTTP or HTTPS URL to which you wish to make the request


The relevant method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)


Any headers you require, as key value pairs

Form Parameters

Form Parameters (also known as Query Parameters or Arguments) to send with the request.

Important Note

Sending Form Parameters will override any Body Data


If a PUT, POST or DELETE request, the relevant body to send, if any.


If the responding API sends back a JSON object, it is possible to save this response against the conversation in:


From there you can then reference any part of it using handlebars as described in Referencing Data

HTTP Calls

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