Converse AI by Smartsheet

How It Works

A quick guide to how things work:

  • Converse receives messages from external messaging channels or directly via its own API.
  • It creates a comment against a new request, or adds it to an existing request as required.
  • Converse parses the comment, and attempts to map it against an existing active conversation.
  • If it maps to an existing conversation, Converse updates that conversation accordingly.
  • If not, it attempts to see if it should match another older conversation, or start a brand new one.
  • If a conversation input is accepted, it executes any required modules, and proceeds to the next stage.
  • It checks if there is any outstanding questions or missing information it needs to ask, and if so, responds accordingly.
  • If the conversation is complete, it can fire off a final webhook as required.
  • This webhook can be used to send back a customised response, or to add additional questions as required.
  • If it fails to understand the comment at all, it can trigger a configurable 'unknown response', which can send a message back to the user and/or trigger a webhook to enable human escalation or fallback.

Why not go and check out how it works by saying ‘hello’ at

How It Works

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