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Getting Started

To link your Converse account with Google to use the Actions on Google integration is very simple. Click on the left hand navigation for Channels, this will display the supported channels and you select Actions on Google. This will open the registration panel and you need to use the Sign in with Google button in the registration page.

This will allow you to approve Converse to view and manage a specified Actions on Google project. Once you have approved this you will be able to customise the Actions on Google integration or jump straight into testing with the Google Home Web Simulator.


Welcome Message

A default message that will be sent if the user talks to the bot without a specific action.

Welcome Message Suggestions

A list of suggestions that will be displayed with the welcome message. These values will be returned to Converse when clicked as a phrase to trigger a conversation.

Permission Request

For Converse to know about your users we need to request permissions. These options allow you to choose how what permissions we request when the user first talks to the bot.

  • Context Message
    The message that is displayed to explain why you are requesting the permissions.
  • Stop On Refused
    State if you want to stop talking to the user if they refuse the permissions, would be used if your bot relies on the location of the user to function.
  • Stop On Refused Message
    A message to be sent to state that you are stopping the conversation due to refused permissions.
  • Permissions
    • Name
      The name of the user talking to the bot.
    • Precise Location
      The precise location of the users device.
    • Coarse Location
      The coarse location of the users device.

Message On Fail Parse

A message to be displayed if the user response is not recognised.

Stop action on parse failure

State if you should stop the current conversation when there is a parse fail.


From the deployments tab you can select the project that the integration will manage, as well as update the test and live version of the Actions on Google project.


Add Carousel Select

Add a carousel select to the next question.

Add Link Out Suggestion

Add a link button to the next question that will redirect the user to the specified URL.

Add List Select

Add a list select to the next question.

Add Suggestions

Add suggestion postback buttons to the next question.

Send Basic Card

Send a basic card rich media element.

Send SSML Message

Send a message that can support SSML.

Template Design Notes

Google Actions does not support sending comments without receiving a response. As such modules like the 'Add Comment' module will not work as it cannot send the comment and not get a response back.


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Actions on Google

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