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What is Flightstats

Flightstats is a comprehensive API that allows you to retrieve data on all sorts of data to do with flights and airports.

How it Works

At the present time the only integration Converse supports is looking up the current status of a flight, and retrieving all of the details of this that a user can then parse as required to check it's status, delay, etc.

Getting Started

You'll need an existing Flightstats account to integrate with, if you don't have one, you can signup for one.

Once you have your account, from the main Converse Dashboard, go into 'Plugins' and search for 'Flightstats', and select it.

You will need to then enter your API Key and App ID.

Available Modules

Flight Stats

This module allows you to retrieve the JSON object of a specific flight, which you can then parse using Converse to retrieve details as required.

It requires the flight number, e.g AA1234, as an input.

Updated 2 years ago


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