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Array Management

Managing Arrays

Quite often when accessing an external API, the data isn't filtered or structured in the way you want to use it, you may need to add, remove, sort or manipulate the data in other ways. This is where the Array Management functions come in. They allow you to customise the data to suit your needs, without having to write your own code, or modify the backend service.

Available Modules


Returns the size (number of entries) of an array

Add to Array

Enables you to add an additional record to an array

Delete from Array

Enables you to delete a specific record from an array

Sort Array

Enables you to sort the array by the value of any field in the object structure of an array.

Pick from Array

Allows you to retrieve a random entry from the array to use elsewhere.

Extract Field from Array

Extract a specific field from the Array, either as an Array or a CSV as the output

Trim Array

Enables you to reduce the array to a specific number of items.

Offset Array

Lets you retrieve a set of data from the array, deliberately offset by a certain amount. This is very useful if the API you have been accessing data from does not support pagination of data.

Shuffle Array

Lets you randomize the order of the array if you then want to output that data elsewhere in a random order.

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Array Management

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