Converse AI

How it Works

Converse's Airtable integration allows you to easily build workflows that can retrieve, search and even update database records held in Airtable, all without writing any code.

Getting Started

Within your Airtable account, once you have created your first table, from the main Converse Dashboard, go into 'Plugins' and search for 'Airtable', and select it.

You will need to then enter your API Key, App Name, and the name of the table.

TIP, you can get these from the Airtable UI.

Finding the Airtable App ID

The App ID is not easy to find.

When logged into your table in Airtable, click the '?' in the top right corner, and then 'API Documentation'.

The URL will then look something like:

The App ID in this case is: appvIBOZikcSH672x

With the plugin configured, you now have a few different modules you can use, depending on your use case.

Available Modules

List Records

This enables you to retrieve a list of matching records, and the selection of relevant fields from those records that you require.

You can set filter the results by setting one or more filters to check against the values of the records.

The records are returned as an array inside an object called 'results'.

Retrieve Record

If you know the ID of the individual record you want to retrieve, you can request an individual record using this module.

Create Record

If you want to create a new record in a table, you can do so using this module, specifying the field names and the data for them as required.

Update Record

If you want to update an existing record, and you know it's ID, you can do this using this module

NB: At this time you can only overwrite a record completely, not just update it partially.

Delete Record

If you want to delete an existing record, and you know it's ID, you can do this using this module.

Advanced Options

For most Modules there are advanced options to limit and sort results, and to override the default table, if using a different table within the Airtable app.